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"Studying with Warren Robertson opened up a world of possibilities for me.  His support, his criticism, and his unique way of making me listen to my feelings and encouraging this emotional freedom in my work has helped me tremendously.  His influence has been immeasurable."

-- Jessica Lange

GQ magazine:  I don't think I really started understanding at all what it meant to be an actor until later in New York when I was studying with Warren Robertson, who started getting me to understand what 'organic' really meant and looked like.

-- Patrick Swayze

"One of the best teachers in New York City for young actors." 

-- Patrick Swayze, from his autobiography, "The Time of My Life"

"I would like to dedicate this book to the great teachers I studied with:  Stella Adler, who taught me the absolute necessity for script analysis; Sanford Meisner, who forced me to understand what it was to be in the moment; Warren Robertson, who opened emotional doors and gave me my first chance to teach..." 

-- Larry Moss, from "The Intent to Live:  Achieving your True Potential as an Actor"

New York Times:  "Wayne Gretzky, who talked of going into acting, would do well to consult Warren Robertson, one of the finest acting coaches in New York."

-- George Vecsey

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